who is bigfoot?

You’re probably asking yourself, what is the deal with this wild looking box truck named Bigfoot that I keep hearing about? Allow me to explain…I’d tell you to close your eyes but it would be pretty tough to read this. So picture this the best you can.

It’s a beautiful day and you’re at a festival walking around enjoying the atmosphere when across the way you hear the sound of music and you see a large crowd gathered around what appears to be a box truck. Enticed by the fun they seem to be having you decide to walk in that direction. As you get closer you realize that it is in fact a box truck, but your new proximity reveals to you that this is in no way any ordinary box truck! The windshield has eyes, the bumper has a mouth, and it appears as if the face that has been sculpted into this truck is smiling at you asking you to come over and hang out. You think to yourself, “how could I say no?”

As you inch closer towards the scene in front of you, you see that everyone surrounding the truck is conversing, laughing, and holding plastic cups. You think to yourself, what are they drinking? One quick peer into the cup unveils the unimaginable. Beer!? Wow this is wild! How could this be? Where are they getting it? We are outside and I don’t see a bar anywhere… A quick glance towards the side of the truck turns your bewilderment into astonishment as you see with your own eyes beer taps coming directly out of the side of the truck pouring malted deliciousness for everyone to enjoy. It can’t be!

Suddenly you’re ripped out of your trance like state by the collision of drums, bass and guitar as the words “we’re halfway there, whoaaaaa living on a prayer” echo through the crowd. Wait, is that a live band set up against a truck that appears to be an art like collage of advertisements that is pouring beer for all to enjoy directly out of the side of it? Now you do what any man in this situation would do. You punch yourself in the face to make sure you are still alive and have not died and gone to heaven. If your bloody nose is not evidence enough that this in fact reality, then allow me to reassure you.

You are not dead and you are not in heaven, you are in the next best place possible. You are in the midst of the mobile eventperience that is Bigfoot the box truck. So grab a cup, take back a cold brew, get lost in the music, meet a new friend or two, and enjoy the aura of awesomeness that occurs when Bigfoot decides to make himself present at an event. And don’t be afraid to buy a couple of tickets for a chance to win the awesome prize that’s being raffled off towards the back of the truck, because all those proceeds go to a local charity. Cheers!

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