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Bigfoot's Coat

In 2012 Bigfoot is going to become a piece of advertising history!

The side of Bigfoot’s box truck has 63,000 square inches of total advertising space available. And you can purchase however many inches you’d like. Whether you purchase 6 inches or 6,000 inches, once you own this space, it is yours forever! This also means that there are only so many spaces available, and once they are gone, they are gone forever!

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Bigfoot’s Back Door Billboard

50 Square Feet of In Your Face Ad Space

Bigfoot’s back door billboard is the largest and most exclusive piece of advertising space on Bigfoot! Your advertisement will travel with Bigfoot through rush hour traffic and to events for all to see. Reserve your month on Bigfoot’s Back Door Billboard today!

*Artwork is for example only

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Bigfoot’s Aerodynamic Advertising Space

60 Square Feet of Sleek and Unique Ad Space

On most box trucks the aero freight flex wing is strictly used to conserve fuel usage. While we’re all about conserving fuel with Bigfoot we’re also big fans of thinking outside the box. Therefore in addition to conserving fuel the aero freight flex wing is used on Bigfoot to create over 60 square feet of advertising space for you to get your name out there! Reserve your month today!

*Artwork is for example only

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Bigfoot’s Top Shelf Advertising Space

12 Square Feet of Elevated and Eye Catching Ad Space

Located 10 feet in the air and situated by itself above Bigfoot’s cab this is one of the most eye catching areas on Bigfoot. Whether perched above rush hour traffic or hovering above the crowds at events your advertisement is sure to be seen! Reserve your month today!

*Artwork is for example only

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Salem's Annual Beer Tasting

Good Beer, Good Music and Good Times. That’s what Witchtoberfest is all about. In only two years Witchtoberfest has grown into one of the area’s largest beer festivals and it has no intention of slowing down. Witchtoberfest features brews from New England’s most well known local and regional breweries, food from local restaurants, and great music, all for a great cause! To learn more about how you can become a sponsor of this event get in contact with us today!

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Tie Your Shoes For Brews

Race Series

Do you like running? Do you like beer? Then Bigfoot’s Tie Your Shoes for Brews is the race series for you! This year runners from around the north shore will come together to celebrate the common love of running and beer in the first ever Bigfoot’s Tie Your Shoes for Brews Race Series. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your name in front of this area’s most intense livers of life. Become a sponsor today!

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