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  • your ad will spend roughly 3 hours in rush hour traffic daily
  • your ad will travel at least 25 miles each week day
  • thousands of people pass Bigfoot every day
  • Bigfoot will be attending events in every one of New England's States in 2012
  • traffic congestion allows for long impression times

50 Square Feet of In Your Face Ad Space

Bigfoot’s back door billboard is the largest and most exclusive piece of advertising space on Bigfoot! Your advertisement will travel with Bigfoot through rush hour traffic and to events for all to see. Reserve your month on Bigfoot’s Back Door Billboard today!

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Mobile advertising facts:

  • Mobile billboard advertising is the fastest growing segment in outdoor advertising
  • 98% of in-car audiences indicated they notice truck-side ads (american trucking association)
  • Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention then a static billboard
  • The average american spends over 2 hours in a car each day
  • Commuters have a higher average disposable income

Bigfoot's Route

  • from Salem to Boston every weekday and back again
  • minimum 25 miles a day
  • roughly 4 hours in rush hour traffic, Bigfoot is slow