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become part of history

  • you are creating the worlds first mobile ad collage
  • your ad will be a permanent fixture on Bigfoot
  • your ad will be seen by millions of people
  • you will be a part of history
  • traffic congestion allows for long impression times

In 2012 Bigfoot is going to become a piece of advertising history!

53,000 square inches of advertising space are available on the sides of Bigfoot’s box truck, and you can add your piece today! Whether you decide to make your advertisement 6 inches or 6,000 inches, two things are certain, it is going to be on Bigfoot for as long as he exists, and people are going to look at it!

To make your mark on history all you have to do is purchase your space, send us your advertisement in a PDF, and we will place it on “Bigfoot’s coat.” Once added your advertisement will remain in that spot for all to see for as long as Bigfoot exists. No matter what size you choose to make your ad, one thing is for sure, people are going to look at it. Become a permanent part of advertising history today!

*Artwork is for example only

Mobile advertising facts:

  • Mobile billboard advertising is the fastest growing segment in outdoor advertising
  • 98% of in-car audiences indicated they notice truck-side ads (american trucking association)
  • Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention then a static billboard
  • The average american spends over 2 hours in a car each day
  • Commuters have a higher average disposable income

Bigfoot's Route

  • from Salem to Boston every weekday and back again
  • minimum 25 miles a day
  • roughly 4 hours in rush hour traffic, Bigfoot is slow